ROLMOVIL & POOL-LINE, S.L., within its mission of becoming a leading company in the development, manufacture and distribution of car accessories, adopts the commitment to meet customer requirements, achieve for its employees an adequate level of safety and health at work, environmental protection and sustainable development, respecting current legislation. This commitment materializes in the implementation of a management system, whose principles are the following:

OFFER goods and services that equally satisfy customer requirements in the fields of ecology, product safety, economy, occupational health and safety, environment and quality.

COMPLY with current legal requirements applicable to occupational health and safety, environmental, quality and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, as well as other specific commitments pertinent to the context of the organization, such as internal standards, taking these into account when making strategic decisions in the company.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the company's performance and activity in relation to occupational health and safety, the environment and quality. In this sense, the participation of all employees and collaboration with suppliers and any company or entity with which agreements are maintained is essential.

PREVENTION of safety at work, damage and deterioration of the health of workers, protection of the environment, including contamination and non-quality, making decisions based on evidence, being rigorous in the implementation of the management system, with the in order to control and ensure continuous improvements applied.

Continually INFORM customers, suppliers and employees, as appropriate.

EXTEND this policy to the company's contractors, introducing these criteria in service and supply contracts and in the production processes of the activity.

FOSTER the participation in the processes of all employees of the company.

ASSIGN the necessary means in TRAINING to make staff aware of the importance and incidence of their work for compliance with the requirements of manufactured goods, safety and health at work and the environment.

PROMOTE equal opportunities, ethical behavior, development of new technologies, processes and work methods that contribute to improving the quality of manufactured goods and customer service, safety and health at work and the environment.

ESTABLISH, MAINTAIN, REVIEW AND UPDATE the established objectives and goals, in order to continuously improve the goods and service to our customers, occupational health and safety and the environment. By signing this document, the Management COMMITS to lead, promote and maintain this POLICY, as well as to provide all the means at its disposal necessary to meet this objective.

Management sends this Policy to all levels and functions of the company, ensuring that it is communicated, understood and implemented and is available to all interested parties as appropriate.

July 06, 2018


Jose Carrillo

Managing Director